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At Yunika, our constant dream is to create unique, durable and eco-superior snowboards that not only respect the environment but also those creating them. We have the passion and drive to do and create what has never been done before. We worked actively on finding innovative solutions to optimise high performance green products. Our boards are not just eco-friendly, but truly eco-superior in functionality and design.
The idea isn’t just about improved materials resulting in better product durability or better properties, it´s a lot more than that. It’s about respect towards the human being and mother nature. As our winters passes by we can only recognize the fragility of our environment and also what is left from it. Here are some extraordinary steps and a lot of effort put into creating the most sustainable boards on the market that perform beyond your expectations.
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Ultrafilm Topsheet

This ultra thin film topsheet provides same protection from scratches and is impacts resistant like any other traditional topsheets with the benefits of being lighter and avoiding toxic lacquer in which it reduces our dependence on petroleum based products.
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Wood Veneer Topsheet

This thin wood veneer topsheet dampens vibration and allow us to reduce the use of plastic. The variance of wood grain creates a one-of-a-kind look on each board.
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Water-Based inks

Water-based inks produce ultra-soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available. This printing option is our goal to help us achieve our desire of a ‘green’ profile, whilst also maintaining a soft-to-the-hand feel. Most of our designs are printed using "direct print" method with water based and solvent free inks. It allows us to reduce drastically the printing process.
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Natural Impact Absorber

This extra layer is our impact absorber plate. It absorbs, dampen shocks and vibrations. It also protects the wood core from cracks and improves big pop and overall durability.
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A natural fiber that is 100% sustainable, that doesn't displace food crop, that is 100% biodegredable, that is 100% renewable, non abrasive, inert to the human being and Mother Nature. For better properties than traditional fiberglass but for half its weight. Why still using fiberglass or heavy basalt fiber? No clue...
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Nanopopster Stringers

Recycled synthetic fiber, It is better for the environment and it retains 98% of its properties after treatment. We use those stringers to allow better response, to increase the pop and the stiffness of the board.
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Our woodcores are sustainably harvested and are certified FSC. Every snowboards are made with full wood cores from tip to tail and rail to rail. Different species of wood are strategically placed to maximize the strenght, pop and overall lightness and feel of the board. All the species are locally sourced to reduce consumption of energy and transportation.
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Bamboo Sidewalls

Plastic is the vilain in the snowboarding industry and beyond. This is why some of our boards are built with re-inforced bamboo sidewalls and also Liquid Poured PU.
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We are using an eco-superior resin that provides unmatched bond adhesion, elasticity, durability and on top of that it releases no VOC'S! We are reducing carbon emission to the maximum through innovative chemistry!
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Base Material

To reduce our dependance on petroleum base products, we are using the die-cut method (Flip Flop) by altering one color to another. This way we avoid extra material base waste.
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Steel Edges

All Yunika snowboards using steel that is specified "Rockwell 48" and "Rockwell 40" hardness for long durability and high performance.
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