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Apparel Technology

The world of clothing manufacturing as we know it hurts our planet a lot. Besides its enormous CO2 footprint and the consumption of water needed to produce the fabrics, this industry is also well known for its exploitation of workers. Look how we strive to reduce our dependance on water and the CO2 footprint while offering you the best existing alternatives.
Producing apparel using recycled fabrics, local resources and workers helps drastically to reduce the CO2 footprint saving thousands of liters of water in the process of making the goods and most importantly preserve North America textile's employment. We believe to be one of the cleanest and most environmental clothing collection.
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Textiles & Fibers

Recycled cotton and polyester is made from reused pre-consumer (post-industrial) or post-consumer cotton waste. Pre-consumer waste comes from any excess material created during the steps of material and product manufacturing, e.g. selvage from weaving, fabric from factory cutting rooms, or excess production and unsold items that might normally be disposed of as waste cotton.

"50% Recycled Cotton 50% Recycled Polyester Made in USA"

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Inks & Embroidery

We’re proud of using eco-friendly inks that are free of heavy metals/phalates and labeled as 100% non-toxic rather than using a traditional, cheaper, petroleum base inks. Yunika uses soy and vegetable-based inks that are renewable and sustainable raw materials. It has extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Water-based inks produce ultra-soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available.

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Clean up Production

To create a better work environnement for the worker we are using 100% biodegradable, organic solvent for reclamation and breakdown in place of cheaper, hazardous mineral spirits.
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