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Yunika is looking forward to connect the dots from passion to succes striving to make the action sport business a cleaner place to everybody from the manufacture's employee to the end user. We found a way to build our products the most eco- friendly and ethical manner possible combined with the talent of worlwide's artists. Here is a sneak peek about their passion, their life and what brought them there.

Kate zessel@2x

Kate Zessel

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Kate Zessel spent her high school years working full time during the week and riding Whistler Mountain on the weekends. The mountains, since she was 2, took priority over many things in her life and what impacted and influenced her the most was the graphics that littered the skate/longboard/snowboard and apparel.

Breaking the news that Kate was leaving University for an applied arts school wasn’t the best conversation to have with the parents. It was more accepted once she explained that every business needed a graphic designer, which in turn made them hop on board rather quickly. Kate is now a recent graduated from The Art Institute of Vancouver and working freelance as an illustrator, web designer and graphic designer. Kate’s motivation and drive comes from being able to do the things she loves, winter mountain sports, mountain biking, long boarding, paddle boarding, and incorporating her art into them.

Keith williams@2x

Keith Williams

Whitehorse, Yukon

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"Beginners worry about equipment, pros worry about skills, masters worry about light." Keith is, as he says, an amateur nature and landscape photographer for about 40 years, more seriously so in recent years, he is a semi-retired youth worker in a treatment facility for cognitively and behaviourally challenged adolescents in Whitehorse Yukon, north of the 60th parallel in Canada.

Keith was honoured when some of his photos were included in a collection from nature photographers around the world, a project that aims to preserve digital images of the world's wildlife species for posterity. This is an initiative of the London-based ARKive organization, partly the brainchild of David Attenborough. Recently one of his images received an honourable mention in the World Bird Photo contest, selected out of 10,754 entries from 128 countries.

David habben@2x

David Habben, "Habbenink"

Salt lake City, Utah

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Habbenink is, hands down, one of the best illustrators I have ever seen, let alone worked with. He is creative beyond measure, clever and thoughtful in his execution of a concept, and professional and prompt in customer interactions.

Abhishek pradhan@2x

Abhishek Pradhan

Pau, France

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Born in Pokhara, Nepali Abhishek is working in an Incessant Rain Animation Studio Nepal as a EFX lead, Motion graphic artist for more than 4 years. He also worked as Graphic Designer for a T-shirt and print company.

Mike serafin@2x

Mike Serafin

Downers grove, Illinois

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Mike found his creative drive early on as a child by disassembling his toys and tinkering with household products. This drive was thankfully fueled by parents who supplied copious Legos and trainset parts.

Putting drive to sustainable use, he received his BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008 after receiving a scholarship from The Industrial Designers Society of America. Since then he's worked on everything from consumer electronics to inflatable toys, holding several patents and awards. These days, he is a lead designer at Vessel, an agency in Chicago specializing in Branding, structural packaging, vision, and product-graphic innovation.

Independently, Mike puts out a well-established product design and Illustration body of work, having done work for various well known brands in all categories.

Steven anderson@2x

Steven Anderson

Riverside, California

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Steven Anderson is 22 years old from Southern California. Graduate of Graphic Design and Digital Media from the College of Architecture Visual Arts and Design at California Baptist University.

Currently a Media Specialist at Mount Hermon Inc, Previously Art Director for CBU's J@CBU, Journalism Department in the School of Communication Arts. Steven has been working as an independent designer since few years now and is specialized in corporate ID/branding, magazine layout, advertisements, type design, photojournalism, on-location photography and photo manipulation.

He is as he says, esay going, adventurous attitude and motivated to accomplish goals with quality and precision. He likes being outdoors, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, exploring and of course longboarding.

Peter mather@2x

Peter Mather

Whitehorse, Yukon

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Peter was inspired to delve into photography when he was at University in 1994. He was mesmerized by Ken Madsen's touring Yukon Wildlands slideshow and he was inspired by the beauty of the Yukon and the fight to protect some of its key wilderness areas. After the show, He began tinkering with cameras and have been every since. Photography gives him the opportunity to capture a unique moment in time. He loves it because a single image can tell a story, inform and inspire. He thinks of every image as a memory.

His photography is a combination of photojournalism and a fine art. He hopes to inspire people to explore outdoors and to preserve our wildlife and our wildlands.

Jose bernabe@2x

José Bernabé

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Art director, graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, painter, collage maker, motion designer, visualizer, logo designer, web designer, digital designer, visual designer, packaging designer, creative thinker, problem solver, cartoonist, typographer and team player are just some of the many appellations that describe the graphic design talent José Bernabé.

Born in Spain, he’s been living in Netherlands for the past couple of years now where starting with such big companies as JWT Amsterdam and Havas Worldwide Amsterdam, José now continues to expand his professional knowledge by working at his own José Bernabé Studio he founded back in 2005.


DZO Olivier

Pau, France

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Under the odd name of DZO (in capital letters) is Olivier, a self-taught artist and freelance designer from the South of France. Thanks to a family with an artistic affinity, the young Olivier graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse and begun a successful career in graphic design. But with the creation of the artistic counterpart that is DZO, the French artist wished to go deeper into his exploration of the “noosphere”. DZO is more than your usual artist. His art, speaks to the old etchings and engravings of religious and occult manuscripts, flirts with alchemy, witchcraft and blasphemy. It is at the same time disturbing, haunting and stimulating. His intricate drawings, full of enigmatic detail, mix sensuality, darkness and mythology. The message beyond the lines are sibylline, surrounding the world of DZO with mystery and fascination.

Evgeny kisilev@2x

Evgeny Kisilev


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Evgeny has grown as graphic designer while was hired in the small advertising agency in the year 2001 (St. Petersburg, Russia). He got there nice and huge experience and become after a freelance digital artist and illustrator since 2004. He is big fan of the travels and spending a lot of time time in different places around the world. Therefore, his workplace is always changing. Always a different view from the window, always a lot of excitement and inspiration. Perhaps that is why Evgeny study to develop different styles in his colorful works.

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