The Yunika Zip Hoodie

The yunika zip hoodie w

WEAR A BETTER STORY The Yunika Zip Hoodie is part of our sustainable collection offering you the chance to wear the change! With a blend of 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester. Incredibly soft and great-fitting. Made in North America with a revolutionary Hybrid recycled cotton-poly fabric.

This is the cleanest and most sustainable clothing line you can get. Wear the change to make this place a better place for all of us.

For more information on our clothing technology and materials, check out our “technology” page.


EUR €71.99

Recycled cotton and polyester is made from reused pre-consumer (post-industrial) or post-consumer cotton waste. Pre-consumer waste comes from any excess material created during the steps of material and product manufacturing, e.g. selvage from weaving, fabric from factory cutting rooms, or excess production and unsold items that might normally be disposed of as waste cotton.

50% Recycled Cotton
50% Recycled Polyester
Made in USA

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